Monday, October 04, 2010

Sunday, October 03, 2010

canned wines anyone?

Cabernet? Shiraz? Merlot? Chardonnay?

You name the wine - they've canned it. Brilliant!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


:-) been a while since I last blogged... you know how easy and quick it is to get caught up with Life. But here's a quick update on what's new:

> First & best thing: I got promoted!!! Yey! I'll be moving to Marketing at the end of the month! Received the fab news on my birthday - my best gift ever! *sigh* After 4 years in IT, I didn't really think I'd actually leave.. IT has been my beloved comfort zone, and yet here I am now, venturing off to something completely new & foreign to me... Have to learn the "marketing language" as opposed to the tech lingo that I've been used to... Have to alter my body clock as I'll soon be part of the "normal working hour" set - talk about rebooting the entire system there! So many things! I'm all excited of course *smile* but deep down I'm also nervous... Am I ready for this? Will I be able to handle it? -- Well I really do hope so!!! :-)
> As I found out I'll be going to Hongkong with my new boss next month for a job attachment & a 2-day seminar. Very nice indeed! I've never really been to Hongkong to visit! I've been there a couple of times but only in transit. I'm all excited to explore the place!!!
> I went to Anilao last Easter and went scuba diving with Alan & friends - finally!! Last time I went scuba diving was November pa... I saw a turtle (twice!), puffer fishies, lotsa clown fish, ribbon eels, morray eels, a lion fish, etc... I'm still learning the names of the fishies so I'll update you guys once I do know them already... Hehe. It was a great weekend! Had loads of fun diving & even more when I was logging my dives - yey! And I really do feel that my luck is changing - after my first dive, I lost my mask! Yes - my Mares' mask!!! You can just imagine how upset I was. But miraculously, my mask was found by a fellow diver! What are the odds of him being on the same resort! It's nice to know that there really are some good people left in this world. Felt so lucky indeed! Can't wait to go diving again soon!


That's all for now folks... Gotta get some sleep.

Monday, March 19, 2007

March 16!!!

=) Celebrated my birthday last Friday!
It never fails, I still feel like a kid on Christmas morning whenever it's my birthday. Excited about the gifts that I'd be receiving, and the greetings I'll be getting from dear friends and family... I love birthdays! Especially mine of course!

After work, I went to the spa and had a body scrub + massage + hair spa. It was bliss!!! It's a birthday staple for me now - pamper thyself on your big day! Then afterwards, I met up with my dear Mom & sister for a fab dinner at Bizu. Yummylicious! I had my ultimate favorite - strawberry shortcake!!! Then met up with the gang at Bamboo Lounge...
Last year, I threw a luau party over by Nash's place. Everybody got lei'd. Get it - lei? =) This year, I wasn't really planning on throwing a party/get together - was thinking of just having a quiet time. But I thought why shouldn't I - it only happens once a year, I should be merry. And merry Mari was indeed! I had an impromptu after-dinner drinks with some colleagues and friends at this cool place called Bamboo Lounge. My birthday party is becoming notorious for getting people drunk - I's take it as a sign of a good party. Hehe

My day and my night was going so well - perfect even! All except for one glitch later on in the night. Some people are really unbelievable. My regrettable-bad-experience showed up within the same vicinity. I'm not even going to bother to analyze the situation - because it doesn't make sense. My fuming friends who saw him were the ones who informed me about it. To be frank & honest, and just to make it crystal clear to everyone, and just so he knows, as well as her - and all of their friends, I am so over it already. I am so over them. I am so over him! So leave me alone. His presence is insignificant really, but he is like a VERY foul food. You can only ignore it for so long, because the longer it stays there, eventually it's stink will permeate the air and you have no choice but to acknowledge it. Of all the places, and of all days... Very nice.
I was nonchalant about it, I was fine - I am. Thanks to my dear friends for being so concerned, but no worries. He isn't worth the bother. =) Swoosh! So enough about him, and hopefully they can just leave me alone already.

Besides, no one could ruin my day. Not when I've received one of the best news ever earlier on that day!!! =) YEY!!!! I'm so happy about it!!! Will reveal it soon enough... But for now, let's keep it as one of my little BIG secret... Hehe
Let me tell you though, it's best birthday gift I received that day!!! =)

Happy Birthday to Me! A year older, and definitely wiser! Hope so!!! =)
Cheers to a good year! And more to come!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

rewiring the body clock, & some not so bright & shiny moments

I can't sleep... I'm in the processing of resetting my body clock... As per usual, each week, as I change from one shift to the next, I have to alter my sleeping pattern in order to - well, in order to sleep more! It's tiring really...

My last post was all bright & shiny... But like all good things, I can't stay too bright & shiny for too long - else I might just explode or some sort. I feel crappy now. I did something really mean - extremely mean even in my own standards, and I'm normally mean... *sigh*
I have this tendency to get carried away with words when emotion are involved. Don't get too perverted now! Not in that sense!
I know I say very harsh things sometimes... And sometimes I don't mean it - and sometimes I do. But this is the one time I wished I kept my mouth shut. Or at least save it for some other day. But no, my mouth got ahead of me... *pfft* And like all things, I just have to deal with it. It still makes me as guilty as hell though...

Long distance relationship. Whatdya reckon about it?
I've had personal experience on the matter - mine didn't work obviously, but I still think that it's still possible. It works for some people. I have a friends who was in one for almost 5 years and now they're married... It can work... For some people, but not me...
I don't even want to try it... So why am I even thinking about it?
I have no idea.
Erase... =)

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Would you believe it but the first quarter of the year is almost over!!!
Grabe ang bilis ng panahon...
With the good times and the bad... The happy ones and the sad...
With everything that Life has to offer, the challenges that comes along with it, and everything else...
I wouldn't have it any other way. =)
Especially with the great friends that surround me... It never seems to amaze me how lucky I am really. I guess I must've done something right to have such dear friends. *senti mode*
But seriously though, I am really thankful for everything, and at how my Life is at right now... Where I am now, how I am, how I feel...
You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you just feel great about everything & you feel like today is your day - and that everything is really going your way? Well that's how I feel now. Dunno why, but I'm just thankful! Like the calmness after the storm...
I just know that things can even get better - I know it.
Some say happiness is a choice - well then I guess I'm definitely opting to have one.
Lovin Life I guess!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

A big good sigh...

After all the "planning" and talking about having an out of town trip with Botchi & Nash, we FINALLY did do so this weekend! =) Spent the weekend at Tagaytay Highlands with some dear friends. It was definitely an adventure what with driving through the FOG late into the night in search for some serious FOOD. It was a weekend with great company, good food, booze, more good food & more food. =) Hehe. Must do it again soon!

On another note... I really am thankful for having such good friends at my side. Makes me wonder what did I ever do to have such blessings? I'm not that bad after all I guess, in fact, I know I'm not bad at all.
In a few weeks time I'm turning yet another year older, but most definitely wiser (& mature) & more responsible with what Life has to offer. And at this point in my Life (senti mode...), I really am happy & releived at the same time about how things are in my Life. Generally at how I'm able to rise through the challenges & find peace with it all. =)
I can look you in the eye and can honestly say (surprisingly I must admit) that I couldn't give a damn and that I am so over it.